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Oceana Campaign

The goal of this project was to help increase donations for the non-profit, Oceana. When people think of Oceana, or even ocean conservation in general, many go to plastic pollution. 

I wanted to take a lesser-known issue of coral bleaching and relate it back to common, everyday problems.


magazine mockup.jpg

Transit Poster



A giant fish tank sits in the middle of a park or other high populated area. 

The interesting part (as if a random fish tank isn't interesting enough)? There are no fish in the tank. Two large, white sculptures of coral are by themselves to show how important coral is to fish.


Next to the tank is a souvenir penny machine, similar to one you would find in an aquarium. When people donate, they receive an Oceana branded penny.  At the same time, an orange light beams onto the coral to relate to each donation helps save the coral.


Additional credits on this project


Copywriting: Noah Horas

Julia Mammone

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