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I’m new to this. 

The whole talking about myself thingy. And since I am soon to be graduating in May 2021, I’m new to the world of advertising. 

I’m an art director. Well, I’m a student who wants to become an art director. I realize, I still have plenty to learn. And that’s fine with me. My time at Temple University may be coming to an end, but I consider myself a “forever student.”

Retail has taught me how to communicate with the individual. 

Advertising has taught me how to communicate with the masses, but make it feel like I’m talking to an individual.

I embrace new challenges as opportunities to grow as an art director and advertising professional. I don’t just make things look pretty. Eye-catching, yes, but ultimately, I create statements that, well, communicate.


I see people. 

I believe that when people bond and truly trust one another, they create the strongest teams. I know what it feels like to not be listened to and to feel like the outsider. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel that way.

For me, the journey starts here, and I can’t wait.

Don't worry I'm not angry. . . usually

Julia Mammone

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